why does my friend with benefits want to cuddle

Title: Exploring the Mysteries: Why Does My Friend with Benefits Want to Cuddle?


Friends with benefits relationships (FWB) are known for their casual and non-committal nature. However, when your friend with benefits starts expressing a desire to cuddle, it may leave you wondering why. In this article, we will delve into the reasons why your FWB may want to cuddle and what it might mean for your relationship dynamic.

1. Emotional Connection:

While a friend with benefits relationship primarily revolves around physical intimacy, it is essential to acknowledge that emotions can come into play. Cuddling allows for a deeper connection, filled with warmth and comfort, which can satisfy emotional needs. Your FWB might crave this affectionate gesture to foster a stronger bond between the two of you.

2. Intimacy Beyond Sex:

Cuddling offers a different form of intimacy and closeness that goes beyond the physical act of sex. It allows for a relaxed and tender moment between you and your friend, creating a sense of safety and vulnerability. For some individuals, cuddling can be a way to explore a more profound level of connection without the strings attached.

3. Affectionate Touch:

Human beings naturally crave affectionate touch, as it releases oxytocin, the “bonding hormone,” which promotes feelings of trust and attachment. Your friend with benefits might want to cuddle simply because they enjoy the comforting sensation it provides. Cuddling can be seen as a way to fulfill their need for physical touch without jumping into a committed relationship.

4. Seeking Emotional Support:

In a friends with benefits scenario, both parties are often there for each other during intimate moments. However, sometimes, individuals may want more emotional support than expected. Cuddling can serve as a way to seek solace, share vulnerability, or find comfort in times of trouble. It’s essential to communicate openly and ensure that both parties are on the same page regarding emotional expectations.

5. Prolonging Intimacy:

Cuddling can enhance the overall pleasure derived from a physical encounter. After the act of sex, it is common for individuals to want to prolong the intimate connection. Cuddling allows both partners to revel in the afterglow, as it maintains a sense of closeness and fosters a sense of care and tenderness.

6. Developing Stronger Feelings:

While friend with benefits relationships are typically based on casual arrangements, feelings can develop over time. Cuddling may indicate a desire for closeness that extends beyond the physical aspect of the relationship. It could be a sign that your friend with benefits is open to exploring a deeper connection or perhaps wanting something more meaningful.


Understanding why your friend with benefits wants to cuddle can provide insight into the complexities of your relationship dynamic. While cuddling can offer moments of emotional connection, comfort, and intimacy, it is crucial to ensure that both individuals align with their intentions and desires. Healthy and open communication is key to navigating this unique type of relationship successfully.

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