how to find out when someone was last online on discord

Title: Discover When Someone Was Last Online on Discord


Discord has become one of the most popular platforms for online communication, enabling users to connect, chat, and collaborate. For those who wish to gauge someone’s activity or availability on Discord, finding out when they were last online can be valuable information. In this article, we will explore several methods to help you determine when someone was last online on Discord.

1. Checking Their Status:

One of the simplest ways to determine when someone was last online on Discord is by checking their status. When a user is online and actively using Discord, their status will display as “Online.” However, when they are idle or away from the application, it will change accordingly. Take note that this method may not provide precise details about their exact time of log in or log out.

2. Examining Their Activity:

Discord’s activity feature allows users to see the status of other users within a server. This feature is particularly useful when determining when someone was last active. By clicking on the user’s name and checking their activity, you can view the time and details of their last interaction on Discord. Keep in mind that this method is limited to the servers you both share.

3. Using Custom Bots:

Custom bots can provide additional insights into a user’s activity on Discord. These bots can track and log various events, including when a user was last online. By implementing a custom bot in a server where you and the user are active, you can query the bot to retrieve the last seen timestamp of a specific user. This method grants more accurate information, eliminating the need to rely solely on status updates.

4. Utilizing Third-Party Tools:

There are several third-party tools available that can help you track the last online status of a Discord user. These tools provide a simple interface where you can input a user’s Discord ID or tag and receive their last seen activity. Keep in mind that using these tools may require permission from the user or may encounter limitations due to privacy settings.

Remember, assessing someone’s activity on Discord should always respect their privacy and comply with their consent. It’s crucial to obtain permission or utilize tools that are endorsed and trusted by the Discord community.


Knowing when someone was last online on Discord can be beneficial in various scenarios, particularly when you want to determine their availability or gauge their activity level. While Discord provides basic status updates and activity features, exploring custom bots and third-party tools can offer more accurate information. However, it’s vital to always prioritize respect, privacy, and consent when monitoring someone’s activity on Discord.

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